Recommendations for an audience with an immigration judge

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In some cases, people have to appear before an immigration judge. The best thing to do, if this is your case and you are in Spain, is to find good professional like Visas For Spain that will help you  obtain a visa. In this article, you will find recommendations if you have to present before a judge for an immigration process.

Be on time

It’s a rule that applies for a lot of situations. However, in this immigration legal procedure, it is very important. It doesn’t mean you are there right on time; it means that you have to be at least 30 min. before the audience, so you will be sure that you won’t be late. This will mean that you respect the rules, and that you understand the importance of the issue.

Make a good impression

It’s a very good idea to appear in court dressed in a way that will demonstrate the judge that you respect the process. Avoid wearing hats, very tight clothes, showy jewrily or a turned on cellphone. The people that will attend to your audience should not enter the room making an interruption of the process because the judge may not be happy about it.

Be prepare for your audience

You should appear in front of  your audience with a professional; hire Newbery Lawyers where you can find the best lawyers in Marbella. They will provide you with the information you need for the process; also, you will feel more confident if you have and expert in the area helping you with this procedure.

Don’t take your children

Experts in the area recommend not to take children to these audiences. It could be an exception when the immigration lawyers ask you to take them to court only for special reasons. Otherwise, it’s better not to do it.

You don’t have to be nervous if you have somebody helping you through the whole process. Be sure to follow all the rules and demonstrate that you are respectful to them. Also, remember to show respect to everybody especially the judge. We hope that these tips will help you out in your process.

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