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    Announcement: Benefits of asking for legal advice in Spain

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    Hiring lawyers always brings questions and worries with it, you wonder whether you need one or the cost that it would mean for you if in the worst case scenario, this scenario being the one where you actually must go to court, when that happens or if it happens then you might worry if the case will last for a long time, which essentially will carry with it an extra amount of money and time that you rather not expend, this is why you ask first for legal advice and consult your options instead of jumping in, head first into a difficult situation.

    Legal advice in Spain

     Resolving debts concerning your home

    You could ask for legal advice if you ever find yourself in the difficult situation of owing a bank a mortgage or owing a loan that involves in any way your property. More concerning issues about this type of debts are when in another time of your life, you found yourself needing extra cash and decided to ask a loan to a friend or the friend of a friend putting your property as a payment insurance, the problem that may arise here is that this transaction was made only on informal meetings, you did not give it much thought and went on with your life, months or years you still owe this person and they want a retribution that you find unreasonable, in this case you most definitely need legal aid.

    Assistance with discrimination issues

    Even though we live in the 21st century, there are some who still think as if they had a bubble around them which will not permit them see pass beyond it; therefore, they perceive the world in a complete different way and sometimes you can come across a person for example at work, who still has a problem with your birth origins or your lifestyle, on this most particular of cases you can consult a lawyer in Madrid or Barcelona who will aid you in whichever on this type of situation you find yourself in.

    Help if you are subject of domestic violence

    If you are subject of any kind of domestic assault or if a person close to you is on this situation in Spain but you do not know how to properly address the issue, even if you are a afraid of going straight into the police headquarters, you can either make inquiries at a local law firm or at particular law office recommended to you by a trusted friend, either way the legal advice offered to you will help in determining the correct approach that you will choose you will in order to resolve the issue without further problems arising from the decision you finally make.

    Protecting animal rights

    Most people see an animal being mistreated and do not do a single thing about it. Sometimes it would be nice to have a neighbour or a family member or even a stranger who cares about animal’s right, on these cases it would be most helpful if this interested person could go and ask for legal aid and help bring a poor soul like an animal to a better home, since they cannot speak for themselves.

    Solving issues about children custody

    After parents get a divorce or when they live on different houses for whatever situation, there always comes the issue of resolving a child’s custody; where will they live? How many days will they spent with each parent? Which holidays will they spent where…

    All this little details can be resolve between the parents, on an ideal world but we do not live an ideal world or an ideal life, not really. This is why we rely upon others to solve our problems, especially if those problems can become rather delicate and bring out bad tempers or old unresolved situations. While dealing with children’s custody you can ask a lawyer for assistance and preferably keep the child or children away from the main events if possible, since it can become quite traumatic for a kid to see their parents on a constant battle for supremacy, an unnecessary war of power to see who can hire the better lawyer and get the best deal out of a situation, which will only affect your son or daughter’s early years.

    Legal advices in Spain can and will benefit you, no matter the situation, asking for advice is the most logical path to follow, if you mother-tongue is Spanish you may want to visit one of this sites: abogados-españ or

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    ¿Cómo evitar un riesgo jurídico al formar parte de la nueva economía?

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    Legal Advise es el portal que te brinda información sobre temas legales de actualidad, a la mano de forma sencilla, desde la comodidad de tu hogar.

    Si eres un comerciante el cual le interesa formar parte de esta nueva economía electrónica, donde todo se maneja desde tu ordenador, debes prestar atención y seguir estos sencillos consejos que previenen el riesgo jurídico que se corre al tener un comercio electrónico. Trata de buscar una asesoría legal para emprender tu negocio sin correr riesgo jurídico, un abogado puede asesorarte, dando a conocer las pautas a seguir para registrar tu pequeña empresa, redactando todo tipo de documentación como contratos, entre otros.

    La economía esta remontada años atrás donde las personas intercambiaban artículos de primera necesidad o no, entre si, desde sus primeras aperciones ha ido evolucionando hasta convertirse en lo que es ahora, ya no es un simple intercambio de productos, sino un intercambio de artículos por un valor monetario, para que exista un comercio efectivo deben haber 3 factores claves, un vendedor, un producto y un comprador. En la actualidad se ve muy en boga los comercios online, o tiendas virtuales, que no poseen un lugar físico donde puedes ir a comprar lo que necesitas, sino que ofrecen portales en línea donde ofertan sus artículos para la venta, de una manera más eficaz ya que el comprador no tiene que dirigirse a una tienda para comprar, al contrario al utilizar este sistema puede esperar su compra en la comodidad de su hogar.


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    Conoce los motivos más comunes para llegar al divorcio

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    Te invitamos a buscar asesoría legal, de manera rápida y son moverte de donde estas.

    Hoy dos maneras de concebir el compromiso matrimonial, están los que asumen el compromiso de un matrimonio “hasta que la muerte nos separe”, este tipo de personas tienen fuertes creencias religiosas, y ven el divorcio como un pecado, y algo que a Dios no le agrada, y están los que ven el matrimonio como un simple estado civil, el cual pueden adquirir a través de la firma de unos papeles, el cual puede ser abrogado en cualquier momento según sus conveniencias. Ambos tipos de compromiso en muchas ocasiones tienen motivos diferentes para llegar al Divorcio pacifico, pero se ha visto en la actualidad muchas separaciones en ambos casos. De ser alguna de estas tu situación consulta un abogado, el te dará las instrucciones a seguir si ya no quieres seguir casado.

    Las razones por las cuales desembocamos en el divorcio tienen muchas variables, mas sin embargo hay una serie de motivos que se ven de manera repetitiva al hablar de divorcio. Cualquiera que sea tu caso lo primero que debes buscar es un abogado que pueda brindar una asesoría especializada, así sabrás que esperar durante este proceso.


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